'Bee Happy, Bee Healthy  Eat Your Honey!'

                           Burt's Mountain Honey


Bee Happy, Bee Healthy, Eat Your Honey

                                    Honey    Selection  

                   Our all natural raw honey  - Mason Jar       $21.00
is collected and bottled  - 2lb Jar $15.00
in the Catskill Mountains  - 1lb Jar $8.00
and is the best  - 8oz Jar $5.00
the Catskills have to offer.  - Bear Bottle $7.00
Honey Candy    Selection


                Our all natural candy is simply   - Orignal Honey Flavor $2.00
            delicious.  Keep your mouth moist  - Honey-Lemon Flavor $2.00
           and sooth sore throats.  Your taste  - Honey-Pomegranate Flavor $2.00
               buds will appreciate our wide  - Honey Apple Flavor $2.00
             selection of flavors.  We're sure  - Honey Orange Flavor $2.00
                 you will be back for more!  - Honey Strawberry Flavor $2.00
                          Honey Straws     Selection

                Our all natural honey straws  - Apple Flavor  
                 are loaded with flavor and  - Blueberry Flavor  
              are ideal to pack in your kid's  - Cherry Flavor    
                   lunch, take to the office  - Clover Honey Flavor   4 Straws
                      for tea or coffee or   - Grape Flavor      for a
                   just as a yummy snack.  - Lemon Flavor     dollar
             try our wide selection of flavors  - Peppermint Flavor  
            and I'm sure you wil ask yourself  - Raspberry Flavor  
                 "Why didn't I buy more?"  - Watermelon Flavor  
               All Natural Honey Soaps    Selection

             Soaps for all type of skins    
 - Alpine for everyday use  - Swiss Alpine Milk Honey Soap $6.50
 - Gardeners for rough, chapped hands  - Swiss Gardeners Honey Soap $6.50
 - Moisturizing for all skin types  - Swiss Honey Soap $6.50
 - Rich nutrients for dry skin  - Swiss Royal Jelly Soap $6.50
 - Country Honey for sensitive skin  - Country Honey Soap $5.50
           Natural Skin Care Products     Selection

                           Lip Balm  - Amaretto $3.50
          Our tasty Beeswax Lip Balm  - Cherry $3.50
                comes in five flavors  - Orange $3.50
     Don't let the cold dry winter chap your lips  - Raspberry $3.50
       Great for skiing or any outdoor activity  - Wintergreen $3.50

                   Hand Cream

   Selection    Amount
          Our hand cream is designed to   - Lavender $5.50
             sooth and soften your skin.  - Rose $5.50
      Use to heal irritated chapped hands.  - Lilac

                                 Please note that prices may vary

We deliver to locations in lower Westchester County, N.Y and selected areas in NYC

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