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The Northern Catskill Mountains have always been home to Burt and his bees.  As one of the founders of the Catskill Mountain Beekeepers Club and a professional beekeeper for over 65 years, Burt knew more than just a little bit about the birds and the bees.  Burt promoted the use of honey for both health and healing from his early beekeeping days and his motto was Bee Happy, Bee Healthy, Eat Your Honey!  Sadly, Burt passed away peacefully on July 13, 2013. 

Burt kept his first hive of bees at the age of 13 and was joined by his son Wayne who has adopted the same love for bees and is following in his father's footsteps.  With hives located in Windham and on the north side of Ashland Pinnacle, Wayne’s bees are able to get an assortment of apple blossom, white clover and various wildflower nectar that provide the best all natural raw honey the Catskill Mountains have to offer. We recently located some of our hives to lower Westchester County so we can provide our Westchester, New York City and New Jersey customer some of the finest local honey New York State has to offer.  

Experience the sensational taste of Burt’s all natural raw mountain honey and an opportunity for health and happiness awaits you.  Come and visit Marion at the Honey Store located at 2635 County Route 10 in Windham, New York or look at our Events Page to find the date and location of festivals and Farmer's Market events where you can meet Marion, Wayne and Silvana in person and purchase the best honey the Catskills have to offer.  We are sure you will be back!